Slender amphibious bipeds with a long tail, newtlings are a common sight along the banks of the River of Cradles.

Like many amphibious creatures, newtlings pass through different life-stages. The one most likely encountered is the inquisitive bachelor stage. These young adults are genderless and spend about thirty years or so exploring and working with humans and other races. After this ‘walkabout’ they return to their home pools to raise the next generation.

The River of Cradles which flows through Big Rubble is home to a large population of newtlings. They predominately keep to themselves but often assist local fishermen, especially those of their own river cult Zola Fel.

Newtlings have a special regard for Dragonewts, some even believe that they are a related species, and often spend some time in their service.

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Newtling, Bachelor (Minion) 6GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 3 1 2 3 3 3

Abilities: Swim, Small
Equipment: Shield
Special Ability: None

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 5+ Melee 1 Stun
Trident 5+ Melee 2 Thrust
Sling 5+ 9" 2 Two-Shots
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