Umber Hulk

A classic AD&D monster that struck terror in many a dungeon delver - the umber hulk.

Although they date back to the White Box D&D era it is the AD&D 1st Ed version I most remember. A favourite ‘random encounter’ of mine for mid to high level parties, it’s tough armour (AC2) and serious damage (3d4, 3d4 and 2d5) made most players sit up and take note.

This is a Grenadier Fantasy Lords sculpt (M61) by John Dennett and painted to match the AD&D era. It is available although I think without mandibles from Mirliton in their Nightmares range.

Umber Hulk Umber Hulk Umber Hulk Umber Hulk Umber Hulk with 25mm cleric for scale

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