Imperial Navy

Imperial Navy heavy weapons teams

Their feudal Japanese inspired helmets and black uniforms make a stark contrast to the other uniforms, but then these are imperial navy!

Imperial Gunner

Imperial Gunner

The standard uniform for all imperial capital ship weapon’s crews. 

As I was painting the predominately black uniforms of the navy troopers added this fellow to the list. Not sure how much action he’ll see on the table unless he forms part of an objective or ad-hoc unit.

Imperial Infantry

Star Wars Imperial Infantry

Although less well represented onscreen the vast majority of the Imperial war machine consists of basic infantry. Generally less well trained than the elite Stormtrooper, the grey clad infantry man is on many worlds the primary weapons of the empire.

Java Sea 75th Anniversary

Java Sea - Allied fleet

As Monday was the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Java Sea I felt it an appropriate game for Sunday.

Star Wars Rebel Commandos

Star Wars Rebel Commandos

First seen in Return of the Jedi, then given a whole new spin in Rogue One, Rebel Commandos are the elite ground foces of the rebellion.

Battle of Java Sea - Imperial Fleet

Imperial heavy cruisers

Rear-Admiral Takeo Takagi was tasked with protecting the amphibious landings on Java from allied  surface vessels. He commanded a substantial force, two heavy cruiser, two lights cruisers and fourteen destroyers.

Battle of Java Sea - Allied Fleet

Allied Cruisers Java Sea

The speed of the Japanese advance though South East Asia astonished the allied forces. Very little time was available to muster a defence, fleets were thrown together with what was afloat from each of the allied nations. The result was a brave but inexperienced force.

Star Wars Rebel Troopers

Rebel Troopers West End Games

A long time coming but I managed to finish and base four squads of Rebel Troopers. Sculpted by Bob Charrette, Julie Guthrie & Johnathan Woods. Lovely minis with a delicate touch on the fabric, very different from the Stormtroopers.

Albuera, Spain May 16th, 1811

Albeura 01

Re-played: May 15th 2010. Figures: 1/72 soft plastic. Rule Set: Shako (2nd Ed.).
I was in command of the French. I spent all morning throwing an entire division against one KGL battalion encamped in Albeura and still failed to take the town. Although my cavalry and left flank did very well against the Spanish, I was in no condition to face regular British infantry, who still had one fresh division. Ah, C'est la guerre!

Star Wars Miniatures Battles Game 1

Stormtroopers advance on the hide out

With my newly painted stormtroopers ready for action it was time to dust off the Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules. The last time these had seen action was in the mid nineties so a revision of the rules was in order.


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