Dragonewt, Noble

Dragonewt, Young Noble

The third stage dragonewt sees the individual begin their transcendent journey of religious devotion, it is this reason they are often referred to a ‘tailed priests’.

Dragonewts, Crested

Crested Dragonewt

No race represents the alien nature of Glorantha better then the enigmatic dragonewts. These ancient reptiles have existed since before time, their presence waning and waxing to some unfathomable cosmic cycle.



Slender amphibious bipeds with a long tail, newtlings are a common sight along the banks of the River of Cradles.

Sun Dome Templars

Sun Dome Templars

In Sun County the strict martial regime has fostered a generation of highly skilled warriors. All adult men are expected to fight when necessary, serving part of each year in highly organised militias.

Lunar Garrison Troops

Lunar Guard with Official

Policing and general security of Pavis is performed primarily by a small detachment of Lunar troops. These troopers of the Marble Phalanx unit are typical of what you’d expect watching the city gates and public squares of Pavis.

Big Rubble AAR #2

On the edge of Oldtown

Word had reached Devain Lightbreath that the Broo were planning a large raid against one of the outlining settlements of Manside’s Oldtown. He rustles up a posse and heads off to Oldtown.

Seeker Jones, Wild Sage of Lankhor Mhy

Wild Sage of Lankhor Mhy

The Rubble holds many secrets and one group dedicated to uncovering these are the wild sages of Lankhor Mhy. Driven by their passion and thirst for truth these adventuring story hunters can be found picking their way through the ruins seeking clues to some ancient riddle.

Grimtooth, of Orlanth Adventurous.

Orlanth Adventurous

Sworn enemy of Chaos and the Red Goddess Grimtooth is a sword for hire, that is as long as the enemy is his enemy.

Olarin, Dara Happen Hoplite


The Rubble is a dangerous place and peaceable folk are always in need of experienced warriors. This hoplite, probable a veteran of many Lunar campaigns, though he keeps quiet about which side he fought on, is well protected in a set bronze armour.

Talpam Oakwood, Elven Scout

Elf with Bow

Brown elves are symbiotically linked to deciduous trees and as such become dormant in winter time. Awaking each spring in tandem with the new leaves they quickly reach their full potential. They are most common type of Elf in Glorantha.


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