Olarin, Dara Happen Hoplite


The Rubble is a dangerous place and peaceable folk are always in need of experienced warriors. This hoplite, probable a veteran of many Lunar campaigns, though he keeps quiet about which side he fought on, is well protected in a set bronze armour.

Talpam Oakwood, Elven Scout

Elf with Bow

Brown elves are symbiotically linked to deciduous trees and as such become dormant in winter time. Awaking each spring in tandem with the new leaves they quickly reach their full potential. They are most common type of Elf in Glorantha.

Sgt. Vendon, Lunar Peltast

Lunar Peltast

Since their initial occupation of Prax several years earlier the Lunar Empire have maintained a standing army of both regular Lunar troops and local auxiliaries. Of the regulars two units have particular relationship with Pavis, the Marble Phalanx, and as with the this chap the Silver Shields.

Surveyor Bain, Initiate of Flintnail


Gloranthan dwarves are a subset of a race known as the Mostali, after their creator Mostal. They are a race of fabricated beings, formed from the elements to maintain the world machine.

Foxglove the Pixie


Pixies are one of the many species of Aldryami, as dryads are to trees, Pixies are to wild flowers.  

Kenray, Elven Champion

Elven Champion

Elves, and to a certain extent dryads, are the most humanlike of the Aldryami, grown specifically to deal with humans and the other elder races. Outwardly they look like lithe humans and when encountered outside of their forests can even be outfitted in a similar fashion. 

'Ribs' McGee, Initiate of Lanbril

Lanbril Thief

Like the imperfections that gives marble pillars their colour, the great cities of the Lunar Empire are traced with the cult of Lanbril, patron of organised crime.

Impala Rider

Impala Rider

The plains of Prax are home to tribal nomads, each organised into loose tribes based on their traditional animals. The Praxian impala is the smallest of the herd beasts, this is reflected in the stature of their riders.



Daughter of one the more infamous criminal families in the region she has still managed to carve out her own independent reputation as someone not to be trifled with.



A notorious personality of the Pavis underworld, Wolfhead has become even more famous of late due to his relationship with Griselda.


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