Arboreal creatures are a sub-species of Aldryami and a common sight in their woodlands.

Reptile Broo

Reptile Broo

Both rock lizards and bolo lizards make ideal hosts for broo, although catching bolo lizards can be an achievement in itself.  

Urox, Broo shaman of Mallia

Broo Shaman

Most sentient creature recognise Mallia and pray to her to keep away. The broo have embraced the mistress of disease to spread her foul corruption, in turn she has granted them immunity to her touch.

Broo Rune Lord

Broo Rune Lord

Broo society is brutal, selfish and destructive. Few live long enough to amount to anything, so when one reaches the elevated status of Rune Lord it is only upon the corpses of their many enemies.  

Unicorn & Devil Broo

Unicorn Broo

Broo can spawn from most living creatures, that is the nature of Theds curse. Here are two more unusual characters.

Broo Warriors 3

Broo Veteran

Yet more typical examples of the common broo warriors, one typical and two more experienced fellows.

Broo Warriors 2

Broo Warriors

Typical broo warriors are spawned from common farm animals such as cattle, deer and sheep.  

Broo Warriors 1

Broo Warrior

Broo are capable of breeding with almost anything. Once implanted with the 'seed' the host is quickly consumed by the rapidly developing larvae, finally killing the host when it erupts. The offspring adopts elements of both the host and impregnating broo.

Hurfex, Broo Champion

Broo Champion

An initiate of Thed and loyal follower of Mastik the Covenmaster. Hurfex is a large and powerful Broo who has sired countless offspring in his service to Mother Thed.  

Mastik, Broo Covenmaster

Broo Covenmaster

Cruel and merciless, Mastik exemplifies the purpose and nature of the Broo; to spread chaos and enact Thed's revenge.


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