Female Warrior 1

Female Warrior

​Female warrior from Best of Julie Guthrie: Women of Adventure

Human Ranger

Human Ranger

Human Ranger from the Best of Julie Guthrie: Dungeon Party.



This trio are Grenadier Goatkin warriors sculpted by John Dennett and part of the first series of the Fantasy Lords range from about 1987. 

The Lunars


Two characters from the Lunar Empire. An ambitious rising star from the Temples of the Reaching Moon and her able bodyguard and advocate from the Seven Mothers.

7TV Heroines

Action Heroine

All good shows need heroes. For this cast of do gooders I settled for an all female cast of heroines with a 30's pulp theme.

Leading the trio is the crack shot adventuress and explorer. Always close by we find the young debutant, plucky and ever so eager to find trouble (Both Grenadier). The brains of the operation and usually the voice of reason (RAFM)


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