September 2015

  • Eiritha and Waha Followers

    Eiritha and Waha

    The next pair of adventurers, this time a devotee of Eiritha in search of a heroquest and an out-of-work farmhand looking for fame and fortune.

  • Humakt Follower and Pavis Adventurer

    Pavis and Humakt

    Two minor characters to support the main players. A Humakt mercenary from Tarsh who's straight talking and firm sword skills are easy to understand. And a simple treasure hunter from Pavis who's here simply for the loot.

  • Three Musketeers - Part Deux

    The Chateau

    The plan was simple; sneak into the chateau, rescues the girl and her baby and sneak back out. If the alarm was sounded Treville was to create a diversion in the village. What could go wrong?

  • Yelmalio Cultist

    Yelmalio Cultist

    Devain Lightbreath, Sun Dome Templar and Yelmalio Cultist

    A citizen soldier of Sun County. After the victory at the battle of Moonbroth brought a subdued peace to the River of Cradles the mighty Templar army has been scaled down. Many soldiers took raising their crops and children, almost with equal ambition. Some, like Devain took the opportunity to seek adventure and were granted leave to explore.

  • Initiate of Daka Fal

    Initiate of Daka Fal

    Tookra, Sable Rider and Initiate of Daka Fal

    When the Sable tribe allied themselves with the Lunar Empire Tookra warned that this would cause strife with the ancestor spirits. He tried to convince the elders that the Red Goddess was not to be trusted but neither Khan nor Herd Queen would listen. Rather than live under the red moons shadow Tookra ventured to Pavis to seek his fortune. Perhaps he can find a great treasure in the ruins of Big Rubble and win back his tribe's honour.

  • GZG Squads III

    GZG Airborne

    Next up are a bunch of generic infantry in standard green DPC fatigues and body armour. I wanted to give them red berets and for the helmets a red tint on the visor so they became airborne troops. These are from GZG’s New Anglian Infantry range and make a very good proxy figure for a wide range of near-future troops.

  • GZG Squads IV

    GZG Navy

    This squad are from GZG’s Eurasian Union Naval Infantry range. I felt that they would make either excellent Elite or Guard units for the Star Wars rebel troops, or generic civilian police forces. The blue and white uniform is purely imaginative but fits well with their chosen roles. I picked up the ground support vehicle at a charity table at a local games show, I've since discovered that is is from the Grenadier Future Wars range.

  • GZG Squads V

    GZG Neu Swabian

    The final batch of repaints from my GZG/Eureka range. This lot are from the Neu Swabian League Armoured Troops range. Great figures that would make excellent Stormtrooper proxies but as I already have 40+ WEG Stormtroopers I wanted to give these a different livery. In the end I went for a Boba Fett inspired unit of mandalorian mercenaries. 

  • Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish

    Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish cover

    Last month I received my pre-ordered bundle from Otherworld Miniatures. Production values are excellent, the book is full colour throughout with great photos of Otherworld’s range of miniatures. The cards and tokens are great and while you can download and print your own I would highly recommend the pre-printed ones, much less hassle. 

  • Three Musketeers - Beyond the Seven Seas AAR

    Three Musketeers - Cardinals men guarding the bridge

    Several months back I ran a Three Musketeer game at the local club while play testing Beyond the Seven Seas. It was good fun and since them a few other members had expressed interest in playing. They were familiar with 7TV but were not so keen on the fantasy element which put them off 7th Voyage. But as a light historical game, Beyond the Seven Seas piqued their interest.


Beyond the Seven Seas