September 2015

  • We come in peace - shoot to kill!

    Otherworldly Invader

    Blood thirsty alien invaders whose motives are beyond comprehension. Every pulp universe needs these fall guys when the script writers are on strike and all you want is an evenings entertainment svaing the Earth without any complicated moral issues. 

    This particular bunch come from Ground Zero Games. A total of 8 casting variations are available, obviously inspired by '50's movies involving little green men from Mars.

  • 7TV Heroines

    Action Heroine

    All good shows need heroes. For this cast of do gooders I settled for an all female cast of heroines with a 30's pulp theme.

    Leading the trio is the crack shot adventuress and explorer. Always close by we find the young debutant, plucky and ever so eager to find trouble (Both Grenadier). The brains of the operation and usually the voice of reason (RAFM)


Beyond the Seven Seas