7TV Villains

Continuing with my 7TV casts this time the villains. These are old 25mm Ral Partha miniatures from their 20th Century Plus range. Great range of spies and thugs perfect for 7TV, much of the range is still available from the Iron Wind Metals incarnation of Ral Partha.

First up is the Industrialist, a powerful business magnate who will stop at nothing to expand his already expansive wealth.

Insidious Industrialist

Then the Jack-Booted Sadist, a cruel and vile individual twisted by the rhetoric of pre-war nationalists.

Jack-booted Sadist

For the dirty work we have the industrialists private army of highly trained and ill disciplined minions, suitably cast from the Ground Zero Games Jaegers.

Faithful Lackey Minion Team Minion

Beyond the Seven Seas