Big Rubble AAR #2

 Word had reached Devain Lightbreath that the Broo were planning a large raid against one of the outlining settlements of Manside’s Oldtown. He rustles up a posse and heads off to Oldtown.

Mastik, Covenmaster of Thed, has seen the humans grow complacent and have established farmsteads close to the ‘Playground. Easy pickings for his Broo, a quick strike at dusk and grab himself some man flesh.

This was the scenario. The Broo are raiding a perimeter homestead on the Devils Playground side of Oldtown. The heroes have got wind of the attack and arrive at the same time as the Broo. The game board represents the settlement, reconstituted form Rubble ruins, broken ground and fields of crops. As this will be a largish game of 320 points each the play area is about 3’ square.

In addition to each faction there are a number of neutral villagers about their business. These non-combatants are what the Broo are after, and any Broo in contact with a villager can spend a special action to infect their victim. These models do not belong to any faction, however in each end phase the hero player can elect to move 1d6 models 6”. 

The heroes are the defenders and begin by placing 8 Adventure tokens about the middle 2’ square. One model, Talpam Oakwood the Elf, is placed in the Wandering Monster area as it is decided that this chap is initially not with the posse but rather attracted by the commotion.

On the edge of Oldtown


All the heroes enter along the path from the north, while the Broo split in to two groups; Mastik, Hurfex, Rhino, Impala, 1 veteran and 2 warriors enter from the south-east, while Leon, Urox, Unicorn, 2 veteran broo and a Scorpion Man enter form the south-west. The dotted line indicate the path each group took during the game and the brown dots mark the position of the Adventure Tokens. 

there's Broo in the fields more broo raiders in the village

Turn 1.

The Broo win the initiative 5/2 - 

The Broo use two fate tokens for a bonus actation for a total of eight, with Leon’s Leader (2) and Hurfex’s Follower ability lets me activate all but two models. The Scorpion Man’s Wall Crawler ability means he can ignore the rough ground’s move penalty and makes a dash for the first Adventure Token. The others begin to infiltrate the village. 

The heroes have five activation, but likewise with the Devain’s Leader (2) and Ivarnes Follower ability I can moves all but two models, A few of the heroes are in heavy armour so only get one move action per turn, this could prove slow going, so the lighter armoured models move first to take up advance positions while the others catch-up. Broyen, Ivarne and Jones decide to take the flank and circle to the east, the remainder spearhead straight for the village square.

The heroes roll a 1 for the villagers, obviously they have not yet spotted the unfolding attack.

more broo raiders in the village heroes to the rescue

Turn 2.

Broo win initiative 6/2

Again claiming the bonus activation to bring the stragglers into play, moving through the crops slows down the broo, which costs them their advantage over the heavily armoured heroes. The Scorpion Man flips the first Token - gains an automatic hit with the next attack!

First on the scene Jarring and Grimtooth close off the alleyway while the others file into the square behind them. Jones spies the Broo in the bushes and lets off an arrow which misses its mark.

The villagers seem to be slow to react rolls a 2!

the Scorpion Man claims first blood

Turn 3.

Broo win 6/5

No bonus activation. The Scorpion Man springs into action, using the Adventure Card his Tail Stinger attack automatically hits! Venom is brutal, 2 damage dice selecting the best result, Grimtooth goes down - first blood to the Chaos faction. On the west side the Unicorn broo reaches the 2nd activation (scaring a pair of beggars who where relaxing behind the shrine) while opposite a broo warrior scales the wall to reach the third. 

Danbal charges the Scorpion Man and strikes home with his sword, but its not enough to bring down the creature. More broo pile in as Jarang does his best to hold them back.

The sudden sight of a Scorpion Man in the villager finally gets the message through and more villagers clear out, rolling a 4. However Leon has trapped two villagers and decides to chase the easy prey instead of tackle the heroes - this may prove to be a costly error in judgement.

but vengeance is swift enter stage left, mmm right

Turn 4.

Drawn initiate - play goes to the heroes

Danbal gets stuck in with the Scorpion Man but fails to connect, when Olarin the Hoplite reaches the action and with a well aimed spear thrust brings the monster down. Jarang and his opponent continue to trade blows but neither gaining purchase. Farnan heads for the inn to try and save the trapped villagers.

Both 2nd and 3rd tokens are revealed - a matching pair of Wandering Monster cards! Talpam has appeared, least the heroes have a choice of where he enters the action.

Leon molests the bar maid while Urox quickly dispatches Farnan at the foot of the stair.

elven arrows find their mark

Turn 5.

Broo win 5/3

Urox warns Leon of the approaching Yelmalio templar and runs off to attack the bar keep, Leon decides he’s a fight worth fighting and calmly heads down to the face his enemy. On the east side Mastik casts Mirror Move and swaps places with the broo on the roof, this gives him a safe commanding view of the attack. Broo warriors press into to Broyan and Ivarne, both holding a defensive line behind a wall. A rhone broo leaps the wallm his spear biting deep in thanes’s flesh. 

The Heroes have lost two and would be down to 4 Activations, but the appearance of Talpam increases their number by 1.

Broyan responds with a mighty swing of his axe and drops the rhino-broo in his tracks, From the underbrush the oaken hued form of Talpam steps out and begins loosing well aimed arrows into the broo. With this brief pause in the attack Jones is able to pass a potion of healing to the Broyan and salve the wound.

Villagers are fleeing in a panic, rolls a 6.

triage Chalana Arroy style

Turn 6.

Heroes win 6/3

Heores decide to keep the Fate as dice modifiers, just in case! And fate does small of the heroes, Ivarne’s axe brings down her opponent, as does Jarang - who has been fighting the same opponent since run 3. And Talpam drops another with his archery, 3 down in one turn! They are very close to a Shaken Morale test.

But the broo fight back, Urox form his vantage point keens for the fallen, his prayers and inspiration to the others. Leon sizes up his opponent, swinging a few testing blows with his Iron mace, he managed to distract the templars attention that the Unicorns flank attack is unseen and Devain looses his first wound, the Broo do not fight fair!. Mastik from his roof top unleashes his Pain Spirit upon Broyan, but the hardened Heortling is made of stern stuff and shrugs off the attack.

Last of the villagers leave town, rolls a 5.


Turn 7.

Broo win 4/2

Hiurfex and Broyan wrestle over the wall with neither gaining. Forced back by the elven bow fire the broo on the flank swing around to support the centre, Denbal falls, perhaps the broo are about to gain the square! Leon and the Unicorn press the templar with vicious attacks, his heavy armour and a little fate keeping him alive, but with only one wound remaining. Mastik call upon Thed to aid her children and strike fear in her enemies hearts. Olarin nervously steps in to fill the breach, unsure of stepping too close to the plague ridden creature, lucklily Berra is close by and saves the Humakt warrior (perhaps not without a little ingratitude).

the big bad baddie is down

Turn 8.

Heroes win 6/3 - This was a very important initiative win for the heroes

Outnumbered Devain throws everything against the Broo Rune Lord, and manages two hits bringing the beast down! Berra rushes forward to heal the warrior before the Unicorn warrior can strike. Bryan, Ivarne, Jones and Taplam have the flank secured, the centre attack has been blunted and the broo morale starting to shake. Thanks to Urox’s chanting they just managed (plus a fate token) to pass their test, however with Leon down Mastik see’s which way this is going and retreats, cursing whoever snitched to the humans of their plans.


Butchers bill:

Heroes: 2 Veterans & 2 villagers

Broo: Rune Lord, Scorpion Man. 2 Brro Veterans & 3 Broo Warriors. 



Overall I think Mastik should of had greater presence in the game, either with more magic (perhaps scrolls or a grimoire) or other offensive capabilities. Strategically having Leon chase the barmaid instead of the Heroes was a mistake, he could have easily dealt with the Veterans possibly forcing the Heroes to make a Morale check, at the very least cutting down on activations generated.

Beyond the Seven Seas