Bounty Hunters 01

Slowly progressing with my Scum faction for Star Wars Miniature Battles. As you’d imagine this group consists of a lot of personalities, a very different pace from the squad painting done so far.

Bounty Hunters: Boushh, Zardra & Boba Fett

This triad consists of Boushh, Zardra and everyone’s favourite. Boba Fett.

Technically Boushh died shortly before the events of Jedi. His demise known only to the rebellion prompting Leia’s choice of disguise. This is a lovely sculpt with a lot of subtle detail and a nice pose. A limited palette adds to the figures charm and makes the yellow far mask pop.

Boushh Boushh

One of the Bounty Hunters introduced in the RPG model Tatooine Manhunt, which served as the basis for the selection of miniatures in the Bounty Hunter boxset. Nice simple miniature which I suspect is one of Julie Guthrie’s sculpts.

Zardra Zardra

Boba Fett
The 501st Legion list this mandalorian’s costume as the most difficult to replicate. Even as a 25mm mini it’s complicated with a multicoloured range armour and attachments. The sculpt is great, although the underarm area is a little filled but this could just be my casting.

Boba Fett Boba Fett Boba Fett Boba Fett

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