Bounty Hunters & Skiff Guards

Wolfman and Skiff Guards

Lak Sivrak a Shistavanen scout who was in the Mos Eisley cantina when Luke entered looking for a ship. Wanted by the Empire Sivrak would later join the rebellion as a fighter pilot seeing action in Hoth and finally Endor where his X-wing was destroyed.

Lak Sivrak Lak Sivrak Lak Sivrak

Kithaba and his fellow Kaltoonians were the property of Jabba the Hutt serving as guards on his skiff. 
These were listed as Weequay in WEG’s Bounty Hunters boxset, but the details on the casting make me believe that these were modelled on the other skiff guards, the Klatoonians. 

Kithaba Kithaba Klatoonian Skiff Guard Klatoonian Skiff Guard

Beyond the Seven Seas