Broo Hunt Part 1

The broo attack in Oldtown must not go unpunished, those responsible must be rooted out and destroyed least they grow in strength and daring. Priests at the Sun Dome temple have not only uncovered the location of the Covenmaster but also divined the presence of a alternative entrance through an old crypt. Devain Lightbreath leads a squad of hand picked templars on a broo hunt!

On route to the crypt Devain enlists an old friend, Kenray and her three accomplices who are currently ‘between’ jobs and eager to earn some loot, especially if it means gaining a favour from the Sun Domers.

They quickly locate the old gate to the crypt. Two of the templars bring Yelm’s blessing to their spear tips and banishing the shadows before them, they descend. 

Broo Hunt 1

In the main hall of the crypt, watched over by ancient marble warriors, the bones of long dead heroes fill the alcove. As the living cross the hall foul sorcery stirs the dead and they take up arms. First arrows form dry bows ring off the templars shields, then en-mass the undead charge! The templars however are cool and disciplined, falling back and forming a tight crescent of inwardly thrusting spears. Fearlessly the skeletons meet their foe, but lacking both heart and mind they are quickly destroyed. 

Broo Hunt 2

Pressing on deeper into the crypt they push aside a once great door to discover a long corridor, terminating to the left with another door, to the right in a darkened alcove. Stationing three templars to watch the door and protect their exit should they need a hasty retreat, Kenray and her companions investigate the alcove.

Broo Hunt 3

The alcove reveals another door. Pressing her ear to the old timber Kenray does not hear any activity beyond. Pushing the door wide she is caught unawares by the broo lurking just beyond the threshold. Alerted by the commotion agains the undead the broo had set up a trap! The room beyond was large, three broo were immediately at the door pressing an attack against our elven hero. In the middle of the room another broo was joined by a large and mean looking scorpion man, gleefully anticipating his next meal of human flesh,

Kenya was severely disadvantaged, three broo jostled for the kill, and although the narrow doorway offered a little extra protection it also kept her comrades from the fight. As best she could the elf fended off the attacks, behind her allies targeted those further back with battle magic. Devain easily befuddling the weak minded scorpion man who fled through the room’s other exit. The unengaged broo too was resorting to magic, inflicting painful spasms upon the humans.

Broo Hunt 4

A vicious assault by one of the broo that would have felled any stout warrior sent Kenray crashing to the ground. The others rushed to the gap, shielding their fallen and pushing ever so slightly into the room. Miraculously (spent a Hero Point) the elf survived and crawled to safety where one of the templars tended to the worst of the injuries. Unlike the fight against the skeletons where the templars chose the ground, this bottleneck was quickly getting bogged down and they risked being outflanked. Devain orders Kenray to support the rear-guard.

Broo Hunt 5

More broo press in to the room, pinning the humans to the alcove, as a broo falls another quickly takes his place denying any advance and the chance for the humans to bring their greater numbers to bear.

Broo Hunt 6

Devain’s fear was realised, the door at the end of the corridor was swung open and yet more broo rush to attack! Holding fast, relying on their training and armour, the rear-guard desperately hold the line. 

Broo Hunt 7

Meanwhile deeper in the old crypt the befuddled scorpion man reaches Mastik, Covenmaster of Thed. 

Part 2 coming shortly...

Beyond the Seven Seas