Broo Hunt Part 2

In an old crypt beneath Big Rubble Devain Lightbreath with a squad of Sun Dome Templars seek to purge a broo infestation. Aided by Kenray an elven warrior and her three human companions the group quickly gained access to the passages by defeating undead guardians. However the living inhabitants of the crypt are proving much more tenacious. Bogged down in a narrow doorway the broo were able to delay the human invasion and have now gone on the counter-attack! 

Their luck seems to change. In the alcove Devain and his companions manage to maintain the balance of arms, swords and spells exchanging in equal parts from each side. The rear-guard quickly blunt the flank attack, felling two broo. But in the darkness beyond the door greater danger emerges.

Broo Hunt 8 Broo Hunt 9

Alerted to their presence, Covenmaster Mastik brings forth is personal bodyguard to deal directly with the humans. Finding them bottled into the long corridor he taps into the energy stored in his matrix and recites arcane dark tongue phrases. Oily vapours coil upward form the mortared cracks in the stone floor. An acrid opaque cloud rapidly fills the corridor, clinging and choking all who draw breath. 

 Broo Hunt 10 Broo Hunt 11

Occluded by the fog, Kenray and the rear guard retreat back to the main crypt. In the alcove Devain breaks the deadlock and finally pushes into the room but for two of their companions who are overcome by the toxic fumes. Cut off from their exit their only option is to circle around and face the broo priest. The way is hard fought, a templar and a companion fall to the defenders before Devain reaches the main chamber. Calling out through the dense fog he knows that Kenray and the rear guard are ready to rush the last of the broo. 

Broo Hunt 12

Charging through the toxic fog however was not easy, Kenray and two templars fell foul of noxious vapours leaving just three to face the Covenmaster. Steeling their courage they faced their enemies and luckily those on the fog were able to recover. 

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The finale was swift, Devain quickly felled one of the bodyguard and was able to engage with Mastik before he could escape. With the high priest dead the main threat of the broo was eradicated, however some, including Mastik’s champion escaped deeper into the crypt.

Will Devain pursue, or will he cut his loses and retreat to fight another day? That is for another day’s gaming.

Beyond the Seven Seas