Dragonewt, Inhuman King

The final stage of the dragonewt evolution before they emerge as true dragon is that of the Inhuman King. These supremely rare incarnations are the rulers of their civilisations and it is believed that only a single individual can exist at any given moment.

Existence of The Inhuman King is necessary all lesser dragonewts to be able to become reborn along their evolutionary path. Although they are extremely powerful, perhaps godlike, they are fervently guarded within their capitol, Dragon’s Eye. Yet the death of an Inhuman King is necessary for the individuals rebirth as a true dragon.

This casting dates from the late 70’s when Archive Miniatures released an eclectic range of personalities and oddities. Given it’s age the figure is in good condition save for the missing lower portion of the feathered spectre. The original RuneQuest book did not describe the Inhuman King nor even provide a stat-block given the unique nature of these individuals, yet I find this casting falls short of depicting a divinely powerful dragonewt. Still at 5cm tall it makes an imposing tailed high-priest!

Dragonewt, Inhuman King Dragonewt, Inhuman King Dragonewt, Inhuman King Dragonewt, Inhuman King

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