Eribhen & Ruil

I've had these castings for nearly twenty years somewhat unsure how to paint them. Superb casting with fantasticly subtle details particaulary on their faces.

This was my third run at painting them. I stripped off my previous false starts and the grey undercoat that they come with which only revelaed more details. I'm not overly familiar with Middle Earth, so apologies if I've missrepresented this pair. 

Eribhen da Moigh "the Young", was the grandchild of Derna, a famous priestess of Dunland. Early, as a child, she was apprenticed to the aging priest of the Dark Enemy, Ruil who gifted her with the ghostbane staff (forged by dwarves smiths of Mordor). 
Eribhen gave into necromancy and soon she was ensnared by the darkness. In her time, she became the high priestess of all Dunland, and anointed Ulf Dilain as high chief, who then invaded Gondor in TA 1697 but his forces were decimated. After this defeat, Eribhen withdrew into hermitage and is said to have died alone. Before her death, she gifted the notorious Ghostbane staff to an apprentice, Tughaib.

Eribhen & Ruil Eribhen & Ruil Eribhen & Ruil Eribhen & Ruil

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