Feral Broo

Without a doubt the most iconic Gloranthan creature. In a game world that shunned concepts of good and evil in favour of personal goals the Broo were the closest to thing to a morality free bad guy. Cruel and lacking any redeemable features these chaos tainted 'baddies' could be slaughtered with impunity. However they were notoriously difficult to kill and usually left their enemies plague ridden regardless of the outcome of the fight.

This pair were the very first offering from Citadel and are tame by comparison to the John Blanche inspired sculpts yet to come. They lacked the obvious corruption of chaos and were small compared to the human models.

For game purposes I've stated these two as young feral Broo, recently cast into the world they have yet to manifest their Chaos features. Their Blocker ability reflects the reluctance of others to approach these disease ridden creatures.

Broo were created by Thed, her consort, the mad god Ragnaglar and Mallia the mistress of Disease. This Unholy Trio sought to pollute the world with disease and chaos. Today Broo venerate both Thed, as their divine mother, and Mallia. There are places, such as Dorastor, where Broo have establish themselves into complex social groups, learned magic and engage in organised warfare.

Young Broo with club Young Broo with club Young Broo with club Young Broo with club Young Broo with spear Young Broo with spear Young Broo with spear Young Broo with spear

Feral/Young Broo (Minion) 10GP Each.

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 3 1 3 3 2 3

Abilities: Blocker, Chaos
Equipment: None
Special Power: None

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 4+ Melee 2 Stun
Spear 4+ Melee 3 Thrust
Club 4+ Melee 3 -

Note these tame Broo would also be suitable as the Goatkin type of Beast Men. Often mistaken as Broo these are satyr-like inhabitants of Beast Valley who for obvious reasons shy away from human contact.


Chaos is a potent force in Glorantha. It corrupts all that it meets and has spawned many of the world's most terrifying creatures. Sorcerers, cults and gods have all tried to tap the power of chaos for their own devices and all have suffered from it's entropic embrace.

Creatures or characters with the Chaos trait have some point in the past dealt with the chaos and have been tainted. For an extra 5GP cost roll 2d6 and apply the indicated result:
2. Magic Resistance as per Ability.
3. Regeneration
as per the Ability
4. Great Strength as per Ability.
5. Wall Crawler as per Ability.
6. Extremely nimble increase Agi by 1
7. Extremely strong increase Str by 1
8. Extremely tough increase Def by 1
9. Sixth Sense as per Ability.
10. Spring as per Ability.
11. Fanatic as per Ability.
12. Fearsome as per Ability.

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