GZG Squads V

The final batch of repaints from my GZG/Eureka range. This lot are from the Neu Swabian League Armoured Troops range. Great figures that would make excellent Stormtrooper proxies but as I already have 40+ WEG Stormtroopers I wanted to give these a different livery. In the end I went for a Boba Fett inspired unit of mandalorian mercenaries. 

GZG Neu SwabianGZG Neu Swabian 

This was the first time I tried to paint distressed or damaged equipement which seems to be a feature of the mandalorian armour, and in places where I wasn’t too heavy handed I really like the effect. 

GZG Neu Swabian

The ‘walker’ is a Grendel Raptor Biped painted in Star Wars inspired colours. The cab is jointed to the legs with a neo magnet which allows for a pivot and separation for easier storage and transport, these are quite tall when assembled.

Grendel Raptor Biped Grendel Raptor Biped

I’ve had the heavy weapon so long that I’ve completely forgotten who was the manufacturer, I’m inclined to think it was a pre-slotta Citadel casting. If anyone knows for sure drop me a line. - Edit: big thanks to Von Trinkenssen and Inso who ID's the canon as a GW Rogue Trader Artillery piece, details on lost Minis.

Beyond the Seven Seas