Initiate of Daka Fal

Tookra, Sable Rider and Initiate of Daka Fal

When the Sable tribe allied themselves with the Lunar Empire Tookra warned that this would cause strife with the ancestor spirits. He tried to convince the elders that the Red Goddess was not to be trusted but neither Khan nor Herd Queen would listen. Rather than live under the red moons shadow Tookra ventured to Pavis to seek his fortune. Perhaps he can find a great treasure in the ruins of Big Rubble and win back his tribe's honour.

Initiate of Daka FalInitiate of Daka Fal Initiate of Daka Fal Initiate of Daka Fal

He wears the badge of his tribe with pride, a bronze helmet adored with sable antlers.  

Initiate of Daka Fal (Companion), 29GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 3 2 3 3 3 4

Abilities: Magic (2: Banish, Summon Shadow), Scrolls and Potions (1: Cure Wounds)

Equipment: Heavy Armour, Shield, Holy Symbol.

Special Ability: Sympathy for the Dead

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 5+ Melee 4 Stun
Spear 5+ Melee 4 Thrust

Daka Fal the Judge of the Dead. Some scholars argue that Daka Fal is Grandfather Mortal, the first being to die, regardless he is seen by most as the final arbitrator, balancing the account of ones life as your soul stands before him. Initiates of Daka Fal believe that existence is guaranteed after death, the nature of that afterlife is based on the one's actions in life. They have a strong connection with their ancestors and can call upon them (Summon Shadow) in times of need.

Daka Fal is the source of the Man rune and strongly associated with the Spirit rune.

Sympathy for the Dead.

Daka Fal followers firm belief in the natural order of the dead and the afterlife means that they never need to make Fear tests when they encounter the Undead.

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