The Lunars

Jorlia, a Dara Happen Witness and devotee of the Red Goddess.

Born to privilege and status in the Oronin satrap Jorlia was ordained to the Temple of the Reaching Moon on the very night of her 14th birthday. A bright student she quickly grasped the complex mysteries of the church obtaining impressive personal acumen. She has been recently seconded to the Temple of the Seven Mothers in Pavis to monitor activity in and around Big Rubble.

The Red Goddess commands the Moon rune with strong elements of Life and Chaos.

Red Goddess 01 Red Goddess 02 Red Goddess 03 Red Goddess 04

Priestess of the Red Goddess (Companion: Wretched Priest) 27GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 3 2 3 3 4 3

Abilities: Holy Symbol, Leader (1), Magic (2: Circle of Protection, Strike Fear), Word of Comman
Equipment: None
Special Ability: Forbidden Lore

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 4+ Melee 2 Stun
Dagger 4+ Melee 2 -

This miniature is from Grenadier's Julie Guthrie's Personality range. 


Ovardul, Tarshite missionary of the Seven Mothers.

The Red Moon's glow protects all that lies in its glory. The Lunar Empire brought peace and stability to the wild lands of Trash. Overdul sees it has his duty to enlighten those outside of the glowline to the wonder that is the Red Goddess. He as come to Pavis as it has only recently come under the protection of the Empire, but as yet to see the one true divinity.

The Seven Mothers are linked to the rune of the Moon tempered and balanced equally by Life/Fertility and Death.

Seven Mothers 01 Seven Mothers 02 Seven Mothers 03 Seven Mothers 04

Seven Mothers (Henchman: Mercenary) 32GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 4 2 3 3 3 3

Abilities: Blocker
Equipment: Shield
Special Ability: None

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 4+ Melee 2 Stun
Sword 4+ Melee 3 Parry
Bow 5+ 18" 3 -
Beyond the Seven Seas