Mastik, Broo Covenmaster

Mastik uses his exceptional guile to manipulate the more impressionable members of his race. His senior position is only maintained by his constant plotting. His favoured scheme involves organising raids against the humans to steal their women and herds for the propagation of more broo. When successful these raids enhance his position, and when they fail they usually also remove those broo who would have opposed him.

Mastic has bound an allied Pain spirit into his whip that assaults entangled opponents. Instead of doing normal damage, Mastik can attempt to Entangle the victim who woould then also suffer the Weakened status.

Thed is the mother of all the Broo. Once a great goddess her power was shattered during the Lesser Darkness. Consort to the Ragnaglar she bore Wakboth the Devil whose birth greatly deformed the goddess. She was subsequently abused by her son to bring forth the horde or demons with which he fought the wars of chaos. The wars ended with both Ragnaglar and Wakboth slain and the mighty goddess stripped of all flesh by Kyger Litor, destined to haunt the dark places of the work. Worshippers of Thed possess a particular enmity of the Storm Gods and Trolls for their respective roles in the chaos wars, only Mallia, goddess of disease, is spared this hateful goddess' wrath. Thed is associated with the runes of Chaos and Spirit.

In death Priests of Thed return as demons of chaos more powerful than they were in life, this knowledge renders them fearless in combat.

Broo Covenmaster Broo Covenmaster Broo Covenmaster Broo Covenmaster

Mastik Covenmaster of Thed (Legend) 69GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 3 3 4 3 5 4

Abilities: Magic (2), Magic Items (1: Whip of Pain), Regeneration, Fanatic, Chaos
Equipment: None
Special Power: Dark Pact

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 5+ Melee 3 Stun
Mace 5+ Melee 4 -
Whip of Pain 4+ 6" 4 Entangle and inflicts the Weakened status


Whip of Pain (10GP)
Weapon: Range 6”, Strength as user, Attack roll 4+, entangle and inflicts the Weakened status.

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