Otherworld Glorantha AAR part one

During the Christmas break we managed our first game of Otherworld. This would be the first in a series of games set in Glorantha’s Big Rubble. This particular scenario will see a bunch of adventurers clearing out an underground Troll lair.

I played the trolls who were the defenders so I also had the Adventure Deck:
Martaroz the Mistress Troll (Callous Corsair, 58GP)
Tort the Great Troll (Monstrous Myrmidon, 36GP)
Moran, Priestess of Kyger Litor (Wretched Priest, 29GP)
Bish & Bash, Dark trolls x2 (Minion, 12GP each)
Beanie, Trollkin leader (Minion, 8GP)
Ozzie, Egg & Mullet, Trollkin x3 (Minion, 8GP each)
Cave Troll (Minion, 40GP)
Total: 219

My wife had the adventurers
Devain Lightbreath, Yelmalio Cultist (Blessed Crusader, 59GP)
Broyan, Sartarite Storm Bull cultist (Valiant Warrior, 59GP)
Ivarne, Eiritha Cultist (Wild Ranger, 31GP)
Berra, Initiate of Chalana Arroy (Aspiring Acolyte, 29GP)
Daniel, Follower of Hamukt (Veteran, 15GP)
Jarang, Heortling Tribesman (Veteran, 15GP)
Farnan, Pavisite Adventurer (Veteran, 15GP)
Total: 223

To keep things simple the Adventurers objective was simply to explore the dungeon, kill the Trolls and grab as much loot as they could. The trolls just need to deal with the thieving murdering humans as best they could (did I mention that I played the trolls).

I was hoping to do a turn by turn account but during the excitement of the game the task of recording events got relegated to ‘I’ll remember it later’. So here’s my true and fair account of the massacre of the Martaroz clan. 

Dungeon layout

The game opens with the Trolls divided between the Pool Room and the Guard Room. The Cave Troll was out and about but due to return at any moment (set aside as a Wandering Monster). The game allows the defender to set aside up to 25% of your cast’s cost as Wandering Monsters, these are not placed on table but come on during the course of the game. 

I then deploy seven Adventure Tokens about the dungeon. These are trigger points for a range of events, when the Attacking player comes in contact with an Adventure Token she can spend an action to reveal the event which is drawn randomly from the Adventure Deck. Possible results are: wandering monster, treasure, a trap or a special event, more on that later.

Adventurers Enter

The adventurers descend into the dungeon and quickly recon the rooms two exits. Devain and Jarang head west to explore the Long Room, while Broyan heads East. He’s first to an Adventure Token but chooses to ignore this for now. The others remain in the Entrance Room.

Dark Trolls in the Long Room

Hearing noises in the entrance, Moran the Troll priestess sends Bish and Bash off to see what's the trouble. She also invokes Kygor Litor to curse those who dare enter her dungeon. She successfully casts a Curse spell and removes the Adventures one and only Luck token. Berra shudders has she feels the dark gods influence - “I’ve a bad feeling about this!”

Adventurers regroup

In the Long Room Jarang spies the two Dark Trolls entering from the north. “Lets regroup”, advises Devain, “I’ll guard the rear.” The group decide to stick together and head for the Antechamber with Devain as rearguard but keeping close to the rest. (Devain has the Leader (2) ability, so keeping him with 6” of at least 2 other Adventures is important for maximising Activations).

Trolls closing in

Meanwhile Moran, Bish and Bash cautiously close in on the interlopers. They know that the Yelmalio cultist is also a Templar and a very tough opponent - best stay back and keep an eye on things until reinforcements turn up.

Martaroz prepares her defences

Martaroz now knows that the Adventures are close by. She devises a plan to slow them down and lays caltrops along the narrow walkway (shaded area in pic). Her Set Traps ability is boosted by her Trapster ability to cover a larger area. However their is a 1 in 6 chance that it will clear in the end phase of each round, lets hope it lasts. She also orders Mullet and Egg, her Trollkin slingers to take up position opposite the door and get ready to thwack whoever comes in.

She then sends Tort around the far side to hold off the attackers, on the narrow path they will only be able to melee one-to-one.

Cave Troll!

As the Adventurers file into the Antechamber Farnan decides to investigate the curious flagstones in the room's centre (the Adventure Token). First however Berra offers a simple prayer to Chalana Arroy (casts the Blessing spell and recovers the lost Luck token). Farnan prizes up the stones to discover a strongbox filled with clacks (copper coins). I draw the first Adventure Deck card which is a Treasure card worth 1 VP. Inspired by their luck Danbal hangs back to investigate the strange marks along the wall (the first Adventure Token passed over by all the others).

The search revealed nothing of value - in actuality it was a Wander Monster card which allowed me to deploy the Cave Troll within 6 inches. As the Adventurers had the initiative it was my Turn next and the Cave Troll was suddenly upon him! A rear attack gets a +1 so I just needed a 3+ to hit. Thwack! Danbal is smashed across the back - but is allowed an Armour save on a 6+ (Danbal has light Armour and a shield which would normally be a 5+ but although it’s not specified in the rules we guessed that shields can not be used against rear attacks). My wife rolls a five - ugh! She is now facing a damage roll - with the Cave Troll's weapon strength of 4 +1 for the rear attack is a 5 against Danbal’s DEF of 3, I would just need a 2+ to wound. Danbal has only 1 Hit so that would incapacitate him. This is where she remembered her Fate tokens which allows you to add 1 to any dice roll even after the fact - so the five becomes a six. The armour saves. Danbal is now facing the Cave Troll who attacks again but this time Danbal is able to use his shield to block the attack.

Broyan kicks open the door!

Around about this time the impetuous Storm Bull Broyan heads for the Pool Room and into a hail of sling stones. Fortunately his heavy armour and shield gives him an armour save of 4+, and those that do get past the armour still need to get past his DEF of 4. The Trollkin slings have an damage rating of 2 so I will need to roll 6’s to wound. That guy is an axe wielding tank!

End of Part One

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