Otherworld Glorantha AAR part two

Completely outclassed by the Cave Troll Danbal is ordered to get out of the way fast. Ducking under a missed parting shot by the slow witted Cave Troll he dashes past Devain, Humakt it seems has ordained that he was not to die just yet.

Burning Spear

With the way clear Devain focuses on the advancing Troll, beyind which he can see the two Dark Trolls and the Priestess closing fast. Broyen has started hurling insults at the Mistress Troll in the pool room so the Adventures now have a two front fight on their hands and their exit is cut off! Their is only one thing to do. Calling on the power of Yelmalio Devain casts forth a spear of burning flame engulfing the Cave Troll in holy fire. 

Assaulting the Pool Room

True to his bullish temperament Broyan feels that the only way is onward. However with his heavy armour he only gets one move per turn, and over Martaroz’s traps that is halved to just 3 inches. Going is slow as yet more sling stones ring out against his armour. Hoping to stop his steady advance Tort the Great Troll swings his two-handed axe into battle. Not wishing to engage single handed against the Mistress Troll, Jarang and Faran hold back where they can both engage should she advance.

The Cave Troll lurches forward

Unfortunately the fire is short lived and the Cave Troll lurches towards the Templar. On a positive note the Troll's Regenerative ability doesn’t work against wounds caused by fire so he’s stuck at 50% health. Just outside the Pool Room Berra alternates her prayers between Blessing (for added Luck), and Zone of Protection, (for a Morale boost). It pays off as the Trolls are having a hard time inflicting any wounds on the Adventures. 

The tide turns for the Adventurers

At this stage the tight formation of the Adventures means that they can really maximise their Activations and choose where to fight. The Trolls are caught short, with their Leader (Martaroz) only within range of the Trollkin. Keeping ample pressure on the Adventures is proving difficult. Then disaster strikes, the mighty Storm Bull makes very short work of the Great Troll. 

heroic defending by the Sun Dome Templar

And although Davain is hard pressed in the Antechamber, tackling both Dark Trolls and the Cave Troll the hero proves his worth. Heavy Armour, and a bit of Luck keep the Troll’s weapons from striking home. With a well aimed thrust of his spear the Cave Troll drops to the floor just as Danbal enters the fray. 

Broyan v's the Mistress Troll Their leader is slain...

Broyan turns his attention on Martaroz and proves that she too is no match for the Sky God’s power. Ivarne and the others skirt the pool, dispatching Beanie who manages to land a blow on the Eiritha Cultist, the only wound suffered by the party. No doubt she will suffer much slagging from her friends for being hit by a Trollkin!

and the battle lost.

With Martaroz defeated and the Dark Trolls dead the remaining Trollkin surrender. Moran however is too fleet of foot. The priestess is able to head for the exit and make good her escape. But revenge is on the cards!


It turned in to a total massacre for the Trolls. The plan to limit the attackers advance actually worked against the Trolls as it allowed their better fighters to attack piecemeal. If the Trolls has better ranged weapons the tactic may have worked. Both the Valiant Warrior and Blessed Crusader proved to be very tough opponents. Martaroz was a competent fighter but without armour she had a very short life span, even her Parry ability was negated by Broyan's STR of 5.

My wife’s strategy paid off. Keeping the party together with the heavy hitters at the points of contact. The healers and weaker members used only in support roles whenever possible out of reach.

Beyond the Seven Seas