Painting Stormtroopers

Like most figure painters I did not relish the task of painting the trooper’s armour. Knowing that I had these figures lined up I paid extra attention during the past few months to any instances of white on a mini. I tried a few different ‘recipes’ to see what the overall effect would be. In the end this is what I settled on, and wanting to ensure a uniform look to the whole platoon decided it would also be best to paint them all together. 

Fresh from the cleaners

Once the platoon was cleaned and the bases levelled each figure was glued to a old wine cork and undercoated with a black wash. All the black elements, gloves, weapons, etc., were all picked out in black again before the armour was given a base coat of Sky Grey. 

First Coat

The armour was then picked put in slightly thinned White Grey applied in 2-3 layers and blended to give a smoother shading. Details on the helmet were added with Blue Grey, with bases coat of Venetian Red applied to the base.

Highlighting Close Up

Exposed cloth areas such as fingers elbows were highlighted with Dark Blue Grey. The armour was given a highlight of Off-white to brighten exposed areas. Specular highlights were then touched up with thinned White on the helmets, shoulders etc. Other details such the as the Sandtroopers backpack and shoulder guard were then added.

Specular & Details Close Up 2

Once the paint had been allowed to dry for a few days I gave each a gloss varnish coasting. Gloss ‘saturates’ the colour bringing out the grey’s thereby darkening the whole effect, this is somewhat negated by following up a few days later with a Matt varnish. 


Painting done it was on to the basing. My preferred basing option for sci-fi is to use steel washers as individual sabot bases. Adhesive magnetic sheeting is pressed on the base and trimmed with a nail clippers and the edge painted black. Sand and patches of static grass for the finish.


The washers are double sided, black and red (to indicate wounded troopers), with a 90 degree firing arc on each side. A colour band around the edge is used to group the figures into squads.

Beyond the Seven Seas