Star Wars Miniatures Battles Game 02

This action would set a force mercenaries against a small imperial garrison. I wanted to run a game without rebels and also see how large squads with low command (Scum) fair against fewer better trained troops (Imperials). 

Orders of Battle: Scum Forces (1186 SGP)
2x Squads of Mercenaries (10x Veterans).
1x Armoured Recon Vehicle with 2 crew (Driver & Gunner)

Mission Objective
Bad weather has forced an Imperial cargo skiff to offload it’s shipment of energy cells at a low security depot. A narrow window of opportunity as therefore arisen for a lightning raid to liberate as many cells as possible before the shipment is taken off-world.

Rebel Victory Conditions
Recover pilot 10+ energy cells & suffer fewer casualties than the imperials = major victory
Recover <10 energy cells but suffer more casualties = minor victory

Orders of Battle: Imperial Forces. (1213 SGP)
2x Squads Imperial Navy (6x Average with tripod mtd. Med. Repeating Blaster)
1x Squad Imperial Army (10x  Average)
2x Speeder Bike scouts

Mission Objective
A shipment of energy cells is awaiting off-world transit in a less than secure depot. Fearing insurgent activity additional Navy personnel have been stationed at the complex.

Imperial Victory Conditions
Repel attacks, no energy cells lost = major victory
Repel attacks, nor energy cells lost but suffer more casualties = minor victory

Set-up Rules
The Imperials set-up first by placing the Navy squads with the heavy weapons on table. The Army squad is dispersed among five of the out-buildings, numbered tokens (1x4, 3x3 & 1x2) are placed face down on each building. When the Imperial player activates the Army squad turn over each token and reply that number of troops (to a max of 10) in that building, token 4 represents the squad commander. 

Likewise similar tokens are placed facedown on the container barrels in the central compound representing the energy cells.

Scum faction advances Imperial counter offensive musters Scum attain early gains by securing outbuildings

Action Report
The Scum plan was simple. A spearhead attack with the ARV with the squads bringing up covering fire and close order support. 

The ARV raced into position spraying blaster fire with it’s roof-top turret. The merc’s charged the first two outbuildings to lay-down suppressive fire. It looked to work well at first, their carbines outranged the Navy’s pistols so they would have had the upper hand but for the heavy weapons which were whittling down the attacking forces. More than once their morale faltered and they were forced back.

Imperial heavy weapons began to make their mark Imperial army in position for a counter attack

This left the ARV in an exposed and vulnerable position and allowed the Imperials Army and Scouts to group and plan a counter attack. The scouts proved fast and deadly, sweeping in with divesting strafing attacks. They however drew almost all of the enemies fire and were both very quickly eliminated. Perhaps the day will favour the bold.

With a foothold in the outbuildings and having dealt with the enemy air support the Scum faction were about to press their advantage when a lucky imperial shot disabled the ARV’s turret. Suddenly lacking any heavy weapon support and with faltering moral (due primarily to the Scum factions low Command level) it was the Imperials who struck.

The Army troopers having come form the flank charged the outbuilding and dislodging the Scum occupiers. A fierce house to house gun battle ensued but combined with the Imperial heavy weapon’s enfilading fire it was only a matter of time before their will broke and what few Scum survived fled.

The Imperials lost 6 navy personnel including 1 officer, the Army 4 dead and 2 wounded, and both scouts were killed. The Scum lost 11 men including the ARV gunner.  So a minor victory for the Imperials.

Casualties mount on either side Scum faction's last gambit... just before they are routed off table

The effectiveness of different infantry weapons based on range really played into this game with troops often requiring Roll-overs for a hit. Using the advantage of range became an important tactical element. The dangers of well placed heavy weapons with their better range and following-fire also became clear.

First time fielding scouts and I really didn’t make best use of them. They are brittle so act more like light cavalry rather than frontline assault troops. In hindsight I’d have utilised their speed better to keep them at range and harass the enemy.

Lastly the Command Skill is very important and used a lot in this game and it’s relatively inexpensive to raise your squads and their commanders skill levels. More than once the Scum’s low Command Skill resulted in unfavourable morale checks and fire checks. 

Beyond the Seven Seas