Surveyor Bain, Initiate of Flintnail

Gloranthan dwarves are a subset of a race known as the Mostali, after their creator Mostal. They are a race of fabricated beings, formed from the elements to maintain the world machine.

Iron and Clay mostali are more commonly referred to as dwarves by other races. They hold a traditional enmity towards Aldryami and Trolls, forging iron to target their racial weakness. Most dwarves toil underground ensuring that their great devices, often geographic in scale, are efficient. They shun individuality, instead a great collective with aligned purpose.

In ancient Pavis one particular dwarf, Flintnail, stepped out of the production line. He openly traded with humans, was openly tolerant of elves and trolls. In the passing centuries a cult has grown following his example. Centred in Pavis, they have become the primary supplier of construction services to the city. They operate a vast quarry in the Rubble providing all the cities material need.

Bain is a Surveyor for the Flintnail cult. With a protective suit of iron armour he explores the ruins of the Rubble, studying the old architecture and assessing its stability looking to identify likely regions for development.

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Bain, Initiate of Flintnail (Minion) 12GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
5 4 1 3 3 3 3

Abilities: None
Equipment: Light Armour, Shield
Special Ability: None

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 4+ Melee 2 Stun
Axe 4+ Melee 3 -
Beyond the Seven Seas