Three Musketeers - Beyond the Seven Seas AAR

Several months back I ran a Three Musketeer game at the local club while play testing Beyond the Seven Seas. It was good fun and since them a few other members had expressed interest in playing. They were familiar with 7TV but were not so keen on the fantasy element which put them off 7th Voyage. But as a light historical game, Beyond the Seven Seas piqued their interest.

For this game I set up a similar scene to the earlier play test. The musketeers had to accompany a young woman and her baby over the bridge and to freedom. Rochefort however was ahead of the heroes and had brought a large squad of guards to search the village and protect the bridge, the Villainous cast totalled 17 models. I was playing the Cardinals side, Bart had the Heroes.

Three Musketeers - Cardinals men guarding the bridge

Fortunately the locals were on the heroes side and we used the ‘Power to the People’ effect form the 7th Voyage rulebook, This allowed to the Heroic player to activate d6 civilians each turn to run interference, blocking the guards and generally getting in the way.

Three Musketeers - Athos & Aramis investigate

The game got off to a great start. The guards were in three groups, the main with a sergeant remained at the bridge. Jussac took one group, while Rochefort another. Due to the games Activation system this meant that two out three of the guards could be activated each turn.

Three Musketeers - D'Artagnan & Rochefort clash steel

The heroes entered the village and from the beginning took it quite slow. This enabled me to slowly, Bart kept roll well on the civilians and was using them to great effect, draw my cast together and converge on the Musketeers. 

Three Musketeers - The fight begins

A epic sword fight between Rochefort and D’Artagnan erupted in a field at the edge of the river. This lasted several rounds with both sides throwing in assistance as reinforcements arrived. 

Three Musketeers - Re-enforcements

Even as the bodies of fallen guardsmen mounted more and more arrived to the scene of the fight. It became a desperate struggle for the heroes, will the morale of the guardsmen break before overwhelming the musketeers.

Three Musketeers - yet more re-enforcements

Ultimately it was Jussac, the Cardinals loyal captain who flanked the heroes position to secure the maiden. On the verge of breaking Rochefort called a withdrawal, they had secured their prize, the musketeers would have to wait…

Three Musketeers - Captured!

Tune into episode two where D’Artagnan finds himself in the castle and must escape with the woman and child. Thanks Bart for a great game.


The miniatures are a mix, D’Artagnan and the musketeers are Ainsty Castings, Rochefort and his cast are from Old Glory’s ECW/Eastern Renaissance range. The civilians are mostly old Citadel with one or two from Mithril. Buildings and scenary from various manufacturers and supplied by the club, SESWC.

Beyond the Seven Seas