Three Musketeers - Part Deux

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Our heroes were tasked to accompany a young woman and her newborn to Spain in order to keep the child out of the hands of the nefarious cardinal. However, Rochefort had learned of the plan and secured the border crossing. In their attempt to force the crossing Agnes and her child were captured by Rochefort’s men.

Part Deux

On their way back to Paris Rochefort needed to stop off at a small chateau. Cpt. Treville has agreed that this would be the best and possibly last opportunity to rescue Agnes. Once within the shadow of Paris the Cardinals influence would be to great.

Getting in proved to be easy, but then the alarm was sounded. With mother and child in tow the only way out was through the front door!

The Chateau Cpt Treville and his 'distraction'

With musket shots ringing out from within the chateau Treville realised that the subterfuge was blown and commands some loyal musketeers to ‘pull the lions tail’ in the hope of drawing Rochefort’s men out of the castle.

Battle on the ramparts Pulling the wolf's tail

Meanwhile the heroes take to the ramparts. Dodging bullets and clashing swords Portos spearheads the race for the exit while Athos and D’Artagnan engage the guards. Aramis provides some cover exchanging pistol shots with the guardsmen on the battlements.

Portho's charge

Outside Treville creates his own commotion, ably taking the fight to the guards stationed outside. Rochefort however is not fooled by the misdirection and orders his men into the castle to prevent the escape then joins in the fight mustering his pikemen against Porthos’ thrust for the gatehouse. 

Closing in

Leaping from the ramparts to get quickly to the action D’Artagnan and Athos come to the Portos’ aid as more guardsmen pour into the courtyard. The fighting intensifies as the musketeers duel their counterparts while dodging opportunistic sniping from the battlements.

Jussac springs the trap

Frustrated by their lack of cooperation Cpt Treville decides to take the fight to the chateau to secure the gatehouse and the only means of escape. Rochefort had planned for this and secreted Jussac and a small band of swordsmen to cover the drawbridge. The trap was sprung and Treville found himself with his back to the chateau. 

All for one and one for all!

At his moment of triumph Rochefort faces off against the three musketeers. Alone and forced into a corner he is no match for their skill at arms. A final dash and their are outside, success is within reach. Yet again the Cardinals favourite captain snatches the prize from under their very noses, is this to be a repeat of last week. 

Jussac again!

“It’s not wise to make an enemy of the Musketeers!” cautions Treville as he and the four heroes level their swords. Realising the battle is lost he releases the girl and flees into the chateau. Our heroes escape. Roll credits.

End credits

A very different game than last time. Even more action and a far longer butchers bill. The Cardinal’s men passed their Shaken test and it was only the timely failure of a Wiped Out test caused Jussac to flee. The heroes were just one model shy of needing to pass their own wiped out test. The split action worked well too, both players needed to carefully manage their activations. 

Big thanks to Campbell and Bart for the game. The terrain was provided by the club. Miniatures as before a mix of Old Glory, Ainsty Castings and Citadel.

Will there be a sequel? Negotiations are underway way for a Christmas special, stay tuned.




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