Trollkin (Enlo)

To say that Trollkin are at the bottom of the ladder in Troll society would be generous, they are not even allowed on the ladder. The great curse that afflicts all Troll kind has produced these misbegotten parodies of the mighty Uz. Diminutive, sickly and short-lived they are by far the most numerous of all trolls. The weakest are usually seen as food by their betters, those with an ounce of skill are enslaved until their usefulness passes. Although some small groups of trollkin manage to eek out an existence away from Troll dominance, most are subjugated and when one finds trollkin, trolls are not far away.

The small group are in the service of small troll gang living in Big Rubble. They have stayed out of the cooking pot by demonstrating some martial skills and act as the gang's scouts and skirmishers.

Trollkin 01 Trollkin 02 Trollkin 03 Trollkin 04

The leader of the gang. Just that bit stronger and brighter than the others to ensure his leadership. He wields a bronze cudgel, as much his prized possession as his symbol of authority. Beanie has the Mob Leader (3) ability.

Tough but dim, loyal to Beanie as long as he lets him hit things with his hammer.

Egg & Ozzie
Both are kKeen shots with the sling, useful bagging rabbits, pigeons and occasionally larger game. Although they also carry spears they much prefer to hang back in cover and pepper the enemy with rocks.

Trollkin x4 (Minion) 38GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
5 3 1 2 3 2 2

Abilities: Shield, Darksense, Nervous*
Equipment: None
Special Ability: None

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 5+ Melee 1 Stun
Spear 5+ Melee 2 Thrust
Sling 5+ 9" 2 Two-shots
Cudgel, Hammer 5+ Melee 2 -

All Trolls have excellent sonar-like sense that allows them to freely move about underground and in total darkness. Troll are never penalised by low-light or darkness.

Trollkin are very skittish, particularly outside during the day. They acquire the Nervous disadvantage if encountered outside during daylight hours. The Attacking player can decide the time of day or night.

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