Tusk Rider

They live in small clans and survive raiding and occasionally hiring out as mercenaries to unscrupulous commanders. They only take prisoners to supply their need for regular blood sacrifice to their war god Gouger and the Cult of the Bloody Tusk.

This particular tusk rider, Ularth, is all that remain of his clan who were wiped out by Lunars 'pacifying' the region. He had secured the employment in a small troll gang as a scout and out-rider, patrolling areas of Big Rubble adjacent to the gangs hide out.

Tusk Rider and Tusker 01 Tusk Rider and Tusker 02 Tusk Rider and Tusker 03 Tusk Rider and Tusker 04

Ularth (Tusk Rider. Minion) 12GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
6 3 1 3 3 3 3

Abilities: None
Equipment: Light Armour
Special Power: None

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Brawl 4+ Melee 2 Stun
Spear 4+ Melee 3 Thrust


Tusker (Minion) 15GP

Speed Def Hits Str Agi Int Mor
8 3 2 4 3 1 3

Abilities: Animal, Mount (Tusk Rider), Rage
Equipment: None
Special Power: Trained

Weapon Hit Range Str Special
Bite 3+ Melee 4 Brutal

The tusker has been well trained by Ularth. While mounted the tusker can make one independent melee attack each turn if Ularth chooses to attack with his own weapons.

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