US Cruisers and Destroyers

The US had five cruisers and eight destroyers at Gudalcanal to fend off the Japanese battleships and their escorts. This inculded two Atlanta class light cruisters and a mix of Fletcher, Benson, Gleaves & Mahan class destroyers.

Both Atlanta's, the Atlanta and the Juneau, were sunk during or immediately after the battle. Three destroyers were also sunk and a further two damaged. The two heavy cruisers were also badly damaged but the US Navy succeded in keeping Henderson Airfield open in a brutal night action at very close quarters.

The US Ships were all painted in either Measure 12 (three colour camo), Measure 21 (Navy Blue) or Measure 22 (blue and grey). 

US Squadron

Centre line: two Atlanta Class light cruisers, each port & starboard: four Fletcher Class, two Gleaves Class and one Benson Class destroyer.

US Squadron Benson Class US Squadron USS Juneau


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