Dragonewt, Beaked

Beaked Dragonewt

The second stage of dragonewt development is attained after the individual has proven themselves in combat and leadership. Beaked dragonewts are the warrior class of this elder race.



A notorious personality of the Pavis underworld, Wolfhead has become even more famous of late due to his relationship with Griselda.

Three Musketeers - Part Deux

The Chateau

The plan was simple; sneak into the chateau, rescues the girl and her baby and sneak back out. If the alarm was sounded Treville was to create a diversion in the village. What could go wrong?

Three Musketeers - Beyond the Seven Seas AAR

Three Musketeers - Cardinals men guarding the bridge

Several months back I ran a Three Musketeer game at the local club while play testing Beyond the Seven Seas. It was good fun and since them a few other members had expressed interest in playing. They were familiar with 7TV but were not so keen on the fantasy element which put them off 7th Voyage. But as a light historical game, Beyond the Seven Seas piqued their interest.


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Beyond the Seven Seas