7th Voyage

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish cover

Last month I received my pre-ordered bundle from Otherworld Miniatures. Production values are excellent, the book is full colour throughout with great photos of Otherworld’s range of miniatures. The cards and tokens are great and while you can download and print your own I would highly recommend the pre-printed ones, much less hassle. 

Three Musketeers - Beyond the Seven Seas AAR

Three Musketeers - Cardinals men guarding the bridge

Several months back I ran a Three Musketeer game at the local club while play testing Beyond the Seven Seas. It was good fun and since them a few other members had expressed interest in playing. They were familiar with 7TV but were not so keen on the fantasy element which put them off 7th Voyage. But as a light historical game, Beyond the Seven Seas piqued their interest.


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Beyond the Seven Seas