Three Musketeers - Part Deux

The Chateau

The plan was simple; sneak into the chateau, rescues the girl and her baby and sneak back out. If the alarm was sounded Treville was to create a diversion in the village. What could go wrong?

We come in peace - shoot to kill!

Otherworldly Invader

Blood thirsty alien invaders whose motives are beyond comprehension. Every pulp universe needs these fall guys when the script writers are on strike and all you want is an evenings entertainment svaing the Earth without any complicated moral issues. 

This particular bunch come from Ground Zero Games. A total of 8 casting variations are available, obviously inspired by '50's movies involving little green men from Mars.

7TV Heroines

Action Heroine

All good shows need heroes. For this cast of do gooders I settled for an all female cast of heroines with a 30's pulp theme.

Leading the trio is the crack shot adventuress and explorer. Always close by we find the young debutant, plucky and ever so eager to find trouble (Both Grenadier). The brains of the operation and usually the voice of reason (RAFM)

7TV Villains

Insidious Industrialist

Continuing with my 7TV casts this time the villains. These are old 25mm Ral Partha miniatures from their 20th Century Plus range. Great range of spies and thugs perfect for 7TV, much of the range is still available from the Iron Wind Metals incarnation of Ral Partha.

First up is the Industrialist, a powerful business magnate who will stop at nothing to expand his already expansive wealth.

7TV Cast

7TV Cast

With 7TV2 in beta mode I decide to dig out many of my old sci-fi minis. Many of these were Ground Zero Games 25mm as they match my collection of West End Games Star Wars figures (more on them much later).

First off the bench are some Stars and Co. Stars. generic civilian types that can be used for a wide range of archetypes from the 7TV game. The pistol armed individual is actually Burke from Leading edge games Aliens range.


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