Star Wars Miniatures Battles Game 1

Stormtroopers advance on the hide out

With my newly painted stormtroopers ready for action it was time to dust off the Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules. The last time these had seen action was in the mid nineties so a revision of the rules was in order.

Broo Hunt Part 2

Broo Hunt 8

In an old crypt beneath Big Rubble Devain Lightbreath with a squad of Sun Dome Templars seek to purge a broo infestation. Aided by Kenray an elven warrior and her three human companions the group quickly gained access to the passages by defeating undead guardians.

Broo Hunt Part 1

Broo Hunt 1

The broo attack in Oldtown must not go unpunished, those responsible must be rooted out and destroyed least they grow in strength and daring. Priests at the Sun Dome temple have not only uncovered the location of the Covenmaster but also divined the presence of a alternative entrance through an old crypt. Devain Lightbreath leads a squad of hand picked templars on a broo hunt!

Big Rubble AAR #2

On the edge of Oldtown

Word had reached Devain Lightbreath that the Broo were planning a large raid against one of the outlining settlements of Manside’s Oldtown. He rustles up a posse and heads off to Oldtown.

Otherworld Glorantha AAR part two

Burning Spear

After a short break we resumed the game. It was a tense moment, the Adventures were fighting on two fronts and their escape was cut off!

Otherworld Glorantha AAR part one

Dungeon layout

During the Christmas break we managed our first game of Otherworld. This would be the first in a series of games set in Glorantha’s Big Rubble. This particular scenario will see a bunch of adventurers clearing out an underground Troll lair.

Three Musketeers - Beyond the Seven Seas AAR

Three Musketeers - Cardinals men guarding the bridge

Several months back I ran a Three Musketeer game at the local club while play testing Beyond the Seven Seas. It was good fun and since them a few other members had expressed interest in playing. They were familiar with 7TV but were not so keen on the fantasy element which put them off 7th Voyage. But as a light historical game, Beyond the Seven Seas piqued their interest.


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Beyond the Seven Seas