Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes

Troll opening moves

I’ve been on the lookout for a quick and simple set of fantasy skirmish rules to use with my 25mm figures, I’ve heard many good things about A Song of Blades and Glory so I took the plunge and here is my first game.

Broo Hunt Part 2

Broo Hunt 8

In an old crypt beneath Big Rubble Devain Lightbreath with a squad of Sun Dome Templars seek to purge a broo infestation. Aided by Kenray an elven warrior and her three human companions the group quickly gained access to the passages by defeating undead guardians.

Broo Hunt Part 1

Broo Hunt 1

The broo attack in Oldtown must not go unpunished, those responsible must be rooted out and destroyed least they grow in strength and daring. Priests at the Sun Dome temple have not only uncovered the location of the Covenmaster but also divined the presence of a alternative entrance through an old crypt. Devain Lightbreath leads a squad of hand picked templars on a broo hunt!

Dragonewt, Inhuman King

Dragonewt, Inhuman King

The final stage of the dragonewt evolution before they emerge as true dragon is that of the Inhuman King. These supremely rare incarnations are the rulers of their civilisations and it is believed that only a single individual can exist at any given moment.

Dragonewt, High Noble

Dragonewt, High Noble

Dragonewts are one of the oldest of the Elder Races, they have their own rune and strongly liked to to the near mythical dragons.  

Dragonewt, Beaked

Beaked Dragonewt

The second stage of dragonewt development is attained after the individual has proven themselves in combat and leadership. Beaked dragonewts are the warrior class of this elder race.

Dragonewt, Noble

Dragonewt, Young Noble

The third stage dragonewt sees the individual begin their transcendent journey of religious devotion, it is this reason they are often referred to a ‘tailed priests’.

Dragonewts, Crested

Crested Dragonewt

No race represents the alien nature of Glorantha better then the enigmatic dragonewts. These ancient reptiles have existed since before time, their presence waning and waxing to some unfathomable cosmic cycle.



Slender amphibious bipeds with a long tail, newtlings are a common sight along the banks of the River of Cradles.

Sun Dome Templars

Sun Dome Templars

In Sun County the strict martial regime has fostered a generation of highly skilled warriors. All adult men are expected to fight when necessary, serving part of each year in highly organised militias.


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