Ral Partha

Malkioni Wizard

Malkioni wizard

The Malkioni of Western Genertela are known to wear tall hats to enhance their meagre stature. As soon as I saw this miniature I knew he was going to be painted blue, the caste colour of the Zzaburi, or wizard class.

Sun Dome Templars

Sun Dome Templars

In Sun County the strict martial regime has fostered a generation of highly skilled warriors. All adult men are expected to fight when necessary, serving part of each year in highly organised militias.

Lunar Garrison Troops

Lunar Guard with Official

Policing and general security of Pavis is performed primarily by a small detachment of Lunar troops. These troopers of the Marble Phalanx unit are typical of what you’d expect watching the city gates and public squares of Pavis.

7TV Villains

Insidious Industrialist

Continuing with my 7TV casts this time the villains. These are old 25mm Ral Partha miniatures from their 20th Century Plus range. Great range of spies and thugs perfect for 7TV, much of the range is still available from the Iron Wind Metals incarnation of Ral Partha.

First up is the Industrialist, a powerful business magnate who will stop at nothing to expand his already expansive wealth.


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