GZG Squads II

GZG Jagers

Next up from the old GZG pile are NSL Jagers. These are a really nice set, with the officier sporting a nifty trench coat. For their jackets I attempted a dark disruptive pattern camo or grey and sandstone over dark green. Gave them a cool hunter theme. These will do as generic villain type soldiers or even space nazies, particularly when I get me WEG Star Wars project off the ground.

GZG Squads

As part of my re-painting program the first ‘squad’ to be painted are some GZG EurAsian Union Naval Infantry. With their knitted sweaters these reminded me some what of 70’s style infantry so I painted them in traditional olive drab and khaki. 

After many years of painting for mass wargames painting just a handful is a refreshing change. Also I decided to take a little more time, detailing eyes and better colour grading, rather than the ‘quick’ standard for large units.

7TV Cast

7TV Cast

With 7TV2 in beta mode I decide to dig out many of my old sci-fi minis. Many of these were Ground Zero Games 25mm as they match my collection of West End Games Star Wars figures (more on them much later).

First off the bench are some Stars and Co. Stars. generic civilian types that can be used for a wide range of archetypes from the 7TV game. The pistol armed individual is actually Burke from Leading edge games Aliens range.


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